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Mountain Sky Dental’s approach is designed to achieve the health goals that most set but never accomplish. Think about how refreshing it would be to know you will never get dental disease again? If you think this is crazy, read our website further. If you are ready to change your oral health and your life, we encourage you to see how our approach can work for anyone!

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Oral Wellness

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We believe that each patient should have the opportunity to create optimal oral health. When a patient has a cavity filled or a crown placed, it doesn’t make the patient healthier. It just means that you have temporarily stopped the disease. However, if the cause of the disease is not addressed, this process will continue. When a patient enters our practice, we spend time educating them about the causes of dental disease, not just treating the symptoms of dental disease. Treating dental disease without knowing the cause of dental disease is a dreadful situation in which the patient goes through a cycle of constantly needing more and more dental work. Eventually, the patient will lose simply because there will be no tooth structure left to treat tooth loss occurs or a small fortune is spent to repair the damage that has been done. By spending time educating patients about the causes of dental disease and how to eliminate those causes, we can focus on getting patients healthier. And healthy patients can go throughout their lives with the LEAST amount of dentistry done in their lifetime. Patients have a choice; if you are ready to stop the disease cycle, we are the office for you.

Meet Dr. Steve Schluentz

He describes himself as a physician of the mouth, head and neck with a focus on creating a partnership with his patients that looks to end the disease cycle which plagues many patients.

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We believe that health is of infinite value. We also believe that it is a choice. Our mission is to provide excellent dentistry in a low volume, private care environment that is characterized by individual relationships between us, the members of my team, and the patient. These relationships are built on trust and shared goals. We believe that when given accurate information and the right support in a nurturing environment, people will make choices that have a positive effect on their dental health. Through exploring the wants and needs of the patient, we will help co-create a Master Plan for that patient, which will minimize the amount of dentistry the patient will need through out their lifetime. This Master Plan cultivates an interdependent relationship, by which the patient knows the causes of dental disease and assumes responsibility for their own oral health.


“It is more noble to give yourself completely for one individual, than to slave diligently for the masses.” – Dag Hammarskjold

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