Dental Master Plan

Your roadmap to enhanced dental health.

Each of out patients have the opportunity to co-create a Dental Master Plan with Dr. Schluentz.  A Dental Master Plan is a long-range plan that focuses on 3 ways we can restore optimum health for the patient:

  1. Prevention- Preventing Future Dental Disease
  2. Protection- Limiting the Defects of Dental Disease that is currently present
  3. Rejuvenation- Restoring the mouth to its proper form and function

Every Master Plan is tailored to that specific patient. No two patients have exactly the same dental health goals. Therefore, it is important that each Master Plan is created with the patients goals/aspirations front and center. The pace at which a patient works through their Master Plan is not as important as having a plan  BEFORE any work is started. This way, the patient has ownership in the process and is more aware of their relative state of Dental Health.

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