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Take a look at some of our satisfied patients before and after their dental procedures.

Jessica's Story

“I love the aesthetics of my front teeth for the first time in my life! I am confident that this conservative approach has remedied my problems without extensive removal of natural tooth structure. I could not be happier with the outcome.”

Jessica, an endodontist, had a very difficult time admitting that she had a dental problem. She went through orthodontic treatment three times as an adult and wore a night guard, however she was still having headaches and jaw pain on a regular basis. After fracturing a molar, which required a root canal and crown, she decided to consider other options. Dr. Steven Schluentz gave Jessica and her staff a presentation about a more holistic approach, which intrigued her. “I am always skeptical and try to be as conservative with my own dentition as I am with that of my patients,” says Jessica. But Dr. Schluentz went on to explain to her that she would continue to destroy her teeth by clenching and grinding if she ignored the issue. Jessica decided to proceed with Dr. Schluentz’s treatment and her headaches and jaw pain are now nonexistent! “I see the same issues in my patient’s day after day. I know that many of them would benefit from this approach. I encourage you to consider this option. It is truly an investment in the health, function, and aesthetics of your mouth.”

Before & After

Before & After

Rick's Story

Rick presented to our office with severe tooth wear on his upper front teeth.  He was concerned about this wear along with his gum recession.  He had braces placed two times and still wasn’t happen with his smile.  In addition, he had bonding done on his front teeth, only to have it wear and chip in just a few years time.  Rick wanted a lasting solution.  Dr. Schluentz stabilized Rick’s chewing system using an orthotic and discovered that his teeth and joints were not working together, which was the cause of the majority of his tooth wear and recession.  When the system was brought back into balance, Dr. Schluentz added MINIMALLY INVASIVE COMPOSITE to all of his Rick’s teeth so that the system could stay in balance.  As you can see from the photos, the result is a beautiful smile which mimic natural unworn teeth.  In addition, all of this was done with almost no tooth structure removal.  There are no crowns, no veneers, just esthetic bonding to what was already there.  Rick is so happy with his new smile and stated that he never thought his teeth and his smile could look this good.  Not only is this a beautiful result, but it is done with the chewing system as the focus, which will result in incredibly long lasting restorations with maximum comfort for Rick!

Suzanne's Story

Meet Suzanne, Mountain Sky Dental’s office manager. Suzanne had suffered for almost daily headaches for decades. She went to numerous physicians and specialists for the headaches. After all the MRIs, CT scans, and tests, nothing conclusive was found. Suzanne learned to cope with the headaches as most would; multiple ibuprofen daily. Suzanne also experienced multiple teeth fracturing in the past, which lead to a dental implant and numerous root canals. With Dr. Schluentz’s advanced training, Suzanne decided to pursue Rejuvenation Dentistry. What you are seeing is the result of the joint being in the correct position and a new bite that supports the jaw the proper way, restoring optimum health. Suzanne has been HEADACHE FREE since her Rejuvenation, something she never thought possible! In addition, she has a smile she is proud of. Her face has relaxed and she looks more youthful and alive. Her eyes say it all. The best part of Rejuvenation Dentistry: NO Tooth Structure was removed throughout the Rejuvenation. This procedure was done with minimally invasive composite restorations. No crowns, No veneers, just additive bonded composite onto the teeth. When you visit our office, ask her about her experiences with Rejuvenation Dentistry and how it has changed her life!

Before & After

Before & After

Jeff's Story

Another Life Changed! Jeff came in with severely worn teeth as a result of a chewing system imbalance. After stabilizing the chewing system, Dr. Steve was able to restore his teeth with minimally invasive composite resins. No crowns or veneers were needed to create this transformation. The restorative process took just one day and the post op photo was taken immediately after. Jeff joked that he forgot how to smile after years of hiding his teeth. Smile away Jeff and thanks for allowing us to share your story and transformation!

Barry's Story

Another Transformation! Barry had such severe wear, that his smile made him look like he had no teeth. With our minimally invasive composite Bio-Rejuvenation technique, we were able to give Barry his smile back with no crowns, veneers, or tooth structure removal. This after shot was taken immediately after the Bio-Rejuvenation. In addition, because we have stabilized his chewing system, his tooth wear will no longer be an issue. Thank you for sharing your story with us Barry!

Before & After

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