Why Us?

Our Approach Creates A Partnership.

What’s needed in Dentistry today is a different approach.  An approach which creates a partnership between the patient and the dental office to give the patient more of what they truly want.  Mountain Sky Dental’s approach is designed to achieve the health goals that most set but never accomplish.  Think about how refreshing it would be to know you will never get dental disease again?  If you think this is crazy, read our website further.  If you are ready to change your oral health and your life, we encourage you to see how our approach can work for anyone!

Through years of working with patients, Dr. Schluentz discovered that most patients want 3 things: 

  1. They want to be healthy, not diseased.
  2. They want to spend the least amount of time and money possible over their lifetimes to achieve health.
  3. They want the least amount of dentistry possible to get healthy.

Sadly, the traditional approach to dentistry usually gives patients more of what they don’t want.  They go through a continual process of disease, treating and re-treating gum disease, cavities, and broken teeth.  They never learn what causes disease and how to prevent and control future disease.  This leads to a never-ending cycle of tooth decay, gum disease, broken teeth, headaches, facial pain, and worn teeth.

So, why choose Mountain Sky Dental?  Great question. We have an unwavering goal as an office.  Our goal is to help patient’s get so healthy that they will never need to see a dentist again!  That is a pretty outrageous claim you may say.  Dr. Schluentz is inspired by great companies and innovators.  It was outrageous when the Wright Brothers wanted to create manned flight.  It was outrageous when Einstein said space and time was relative.  It was outrageous was Jeff Bezos and his company Amazon wanted to sell almost any item you wanted from the comfort of your own home.  It was outrageous when Steve Jobs and Apple wanted to change the way you interact with the world through the simplicity of a phone.  Being outrageous is the key to any great business or idea.

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